Get information

Access reliable information on the Yukon labour force to help you plan and grow your business, conduct labour market research and plan your career. Find information on demographics, regional statistics, jobs in demand, business trends and official reports and studies released by the Yukon government. 

Business trends

Get information on how Yukon businesses perform and access information such as gross domestic product, population, labour market and consumer price index.

Job demand forecast

Find out which jobs are expected to be in demand in Yukon over the next few years. This information can help you plan and grow your business and/or your career.

People and the economy

Access Yukon’s general economic statistics, such as Yukon Business Survey results, gross domestic product by industry and other indicators.

Reports, studies and evaluations

Find out key information on Yukon’s labour market from reports and studies produced by the Advanced Education branch.

Socio-economic information

Review socioeconomic statistics and the regional outlook for Yukon.

Service Providers

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